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Old appeal W Nairobi W!

The "W Nairobi W!" campaign, the first stage of which aimed at stopping the mass evictions from the slums of Nairobi (Kenya), thanks to the efforts of the international associations, the NGO's, various Churches, the 6000 signatures and declarations of support collected, as well as the legal and political battles fought at the local level, has:

  • given hope and support to the inhabitants directly concerned;
  • stopped the evictions and demolition of the slums;
  • brought the Nairobi question to the forefront for Un-Habitat

Now, the second stage focuses on the struggle for funding, and entails
the overall rehabilitation of the slums, land redistribution, control and regulation of funds, and the quest for a solution to the problem of shantytowns in general.

These issues are of fundamental importance as they concern the constitution of Kenya, blocked at present by the political crisis.
The committee (composed of Father Alex Zanotelli, Father Daniele, International Alliance of Inhabitants) has made proposals which focus on one basic issue: the stumbling-block of Kenya's 6.5 billion euro foreign debt
Here is the proposal: a multilateral agreement (involving the Kenyan government, the associations of inhabitants, international networks, international creditors, Un-Habitat) for the cancellation of the debt in exchange for public town-planning and housing policies with international participation and control.
Finland has already agreed to 1.5 million euro; others (for example Sweden) may follow.
The campaign should be based on co-operation with the inhabitants and support associations so that the handling of the foreign debt provides a solution, rather than creating a problem. On this matter, the committee is working on the following sensitization projects:

  • a photographic exhibition on Korogocho by Francesco Fantini which will be inaugurated in the slums themselves;
  • a video by Father Daniele;
  • a video game on life in a shanty-town, to be brought out by EMI.

Finally, don't forget these 3 international events which aim to stir public opinion:

  1. the World Homeless Cup (Goteborg, 25-30 July 2004), the soccer championship for the homeless;
  2. the World Urban Forum (Barcelona, 13-17 September 2004)
  3. the Americas Social Forum (Quito, Ecuador, 25-30 de julio 2004)


W Nairobi W