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Kenia: Riesgo inminente de desalojo forzoso para más de 50.000 personas

For people living in the area, the demolition of homes and businesses will be disastrous, © Amnesty International El gobierno de Kenia debe detener el plan de desalojo de más de 50.000 personas que viven a lo largo de las vías férreas del país hasta que se aprueben unas directrices acordes con las normas internacionales de derechos humanos, ha manifestado hoy Amnistía Internacional.

Detroit homes sell for $1 amid mortgage and car industry crisis

Fallen leaves blow past an empty home in Detroit. (Rebecca Cook/Reuters, 2010) Houses on sale for a few dollars are something of an urban legend in the US on the back of the mortgage crisis that drove millions of people from their homes. But in Detroit it is no myth. One in five houses now stand empty in the city that launched the automobile age, forged America's middle-class and blessed the world with Motown.

USA, New wave of foreclosures threatens market

Up to 7 million homes are potentially eligible but haven’t been repossessed (Paul Sancya / AP file) While banks repossessed fewer homes in February than a month earlier, borrowers continued to fall behind on their payments, adding to the inventory of properties headed toward foreclosure that have yet to be put on the market, according to RealtyTrac.

Amnesty International sollecita le autorità italiane a porre fine agli sgomberi forzati dei rom

La famiglia di Saltana Ahmetovich (Nino) nel campo di via la Monachina, Roma, settembre 2009 © Amnesty International Amnesty International ha chiesto alle autorità italiane di riesaminare un controverso piano abitativo che ha causato lo sgombero forzato di centinaia di rom e che spiana la strada allo sgombero di altre migliaia di persone nei prossimi mesi. Questo piano potrebbe essere preso a modello per eseguire sgomberi forzati in altre regioni italiane. Uno sgombero effettuato senza consultazione preventiva e senza l'offerta di un alloggio alternativo adeguato a tutte le persone colpite è una violazione dei diritti umani.

France, Réquisition de logements: l'éclatante victoire du oui

Réquisition logements vides Selon l’Ifop, 69 % des Français se déclarent favorables à la réquisition des logements privés. Un large consensus qui témoigne de l’ampleur de la crise du logement. Si la gauche se rassemble, la droite quant à elle se divise sur le sujet.

Violencia policial y desalojos ilegales cerca de una mina de oro en Papúa Nueva Guinea

El gobierno de Papúa Nueva Guinea debe investigar la actuación de miembros de la policía que, mientras desalojaban a personas de manera ilegal de los terrenos próximos a una de las mayores minas de oro del país, quemaron sus hogares y les amenazaron con pistolas, ha señalado hoy Amnistía Internacional.

USA, The 10 Most Notable Homeless Stories of 2009

Gala Crum is homeless, pregnant and living in a tent alongside the interstate in Prince William county. (Bill O'Leary - The Washington Post, 2009 ) The economic recession made homelessness a hot topic in 2009. It seemed every day there was a story about shelter bed shortages, record numbers of school children, or a new tent city popping up. But which stories stood out the most? Change.org has scoured the headlines and trends to compile the 10 most notable homelessness stories of 2009.

China, Owners to get say in relocation

Property owners' rights will soon receive better protection under revisions to the controversial regulations for demolishing urban housing, a senior legislative official said yesterday.

Tunnels beneath Vegas a refuge for homeless people

Tunnels beneath Vegas a refuge for homeless people Underneath its glitzy casinos, far from the bright marquees, there is another Las Vegas, a pitch-black, dank underworld virtually unknown and unseen by those who live, work and play above.

For Some in Japan, Home Is a Tiny Plastic Bunk

Jobless, and Living in a Bunk For Atsushi Nakanishi, jobless since Christmas, home is a cubicle barely bigger than a coffin — one of dozens of berths stacked two units high in one of central Tokyo’s decrepit “capsule” hotels.