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Budapest, Vacant Buildings March and Occupation

On September 27, 2014 The City is for All (AVM) organized a series of events to raise awareness about the tens of thousands of empty apartments in Budapest. The group held the 4th Vacant Buildings March with the participation of some 200 people, early in the afternoon, where homeless people and their allies demanded the social utilization of empty apartments. In the evening, around a hundred people squatted a building in Benczúr street, which had been abandoned for nearly 20 years. After the demonstrative squatting around 50 people marched to the City Hall, where they left a message in a giant envelope addressed to Mr. István Tarlós, the Mayor of Budapest and the other mayoral candidates: „Wrong solution: selling out, good solution: letting out”.

Hungary, Shackdwellers in Budapest win case against local municipality

On October 16, 2014 the appellate court of Budapest made a legally binding decision regarding the demolition of self-built shacks by the municipality of the 14th district of Budapest. The court ruled that the municipality acted illegally when it destroyed the shacks and other possessions of six homeless people on October 18, 2011. Prior to the demolition, the authorities had not initiated any official procedures against the shack-dwellers. Many inhabitants were not at home when the bulldozers arrived and were thus not able to save any of their belongings. Those who were present were forced to witness the destruction of their homes and were offered no appropriate alternative accommodation.

St. Petersburg, three tenants protesting evictions arrested

(Photo: Moy Rayon - newspaper Мой район) Three tenants, Zinaida Porohkovaya, her son Michael, and Olga Baranova, tenants of the famous house 15/2 in Ilyushina street were arrested as a result of attempt to pitch tents in the front of the Smolny palace . Now they await trial in the Smolninsky district court. The IAI full express the solidarity with the tenants in the framework of the World Zero Evictions Days.

Presentadas a la Presidencia Italiana de la Unión Europea las Recomendaciones del Tribunal Internacional de Desalojos

Una delegación de la Alianza Internacional de Habitantes y de la Unione Inquilini (Unión de Inquilinos) ha presentado a la Prefectura de Milán las Recomendaciones elaboradas por el Jurado de la 4a sesión del Tribunal Internacional de Desalojos (TIE, por sus siglas en inglés),  para que puedan ser trasladadas al Gobierno italiano y a los Ministros de Cohesión Social de la Unión Europea (UE) reunidos en la capital de Lombardía. Enfatizaron en la solicitud de una moratoria de los desalojos en Europa con vistas a una directiva de la UE que prohíbe los desalojos sin un realojamiento adecuado y un acuerdo previo. Las Recomendaciones relacionadas con los desalojos en América Latina, África y Asia serán enviadas a los gobiernos interesados, y, junto con aquellas relacionadas a la UE, a la Relatora Especial de las Naciones Unidas y a la ONU-Hábitat con vistas a la alternativa a la Cumbre de Las Naciones Unidas Hábitat III en 2016. La Prefectura se ha comprometido a tramitar con el Gobierno la solicitud para una suspensión del uso de las fuerzas de la policía sobre el territorio nacional durante el invierno, y responder antes del miércoles 15 de octubre la solicitud de promulgar sus propias competencias para llevar a cabo inmediatamente dicha suspensión a fin de proteger la salud y la seguridad públicas. 

Londres: Viviendas para la Gente, No para el Lucro

Del 15 al 20 de octubre: 6 días de debate y movilizaciones de organizaciones y redes de habitantes, para fortalecer la estrategia de lucha contra los desalojos y las políticas de austeridad en Europa, y a favor del derecho a la vivienda.

A Milano, il 9-10 ottobre, la 4ª Sessione del Tribunale Internazionale degli Sfratti

Giovedì 9 e venerdì 10 ottobre Milano sarà la capitale delle « Giornate mondiali Sfratti Zero » 2014 grazie alla 4ª Sessione del Tribunale Internazionale degli Sfratti (Tribunal International des Evictions, TIE), emigrata quest'anno da Ginevra nella capitale lombarda per centrare il focus del dramma abitativo accentuato dalle politiche di austerità dell'Unione Europea.

Residencia Social Aldo dice 26x1

stabile Ex Alitalia di via XXIV Maggio, 6 (Sesto S.Giovanni, Milano) ALDO DICE 26X1, es el lema que en el 45 ha desencadenado la liberación del nazifascismo en Italia, y ha sido relanzado por un colectivo de organizaciones para una campaña de reciclaje popular de inmuebles públicos y privados abandonados. El inmueble ex Alitalia en Sesto S. Giovanni, Milán, sede del Tribunal Internacional de los Desalojos 2014, ha sido liberado el 28/03/14 para hacer la "Residencia Social Aldo dice 26x1".

Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, has announced that he has no intention to write off mortgage debts

On August, 6, President, while speaking on TV, expressly announced that there would be no write-offs of the mortgage debts. The biggest owner of banks, through their relatives and people close to him, he shattered all the illusions about him being ‘’the kind Lord and wise Ruler’’, who is likely to lend his helping hand to everyone who found themselves in a predicament.

Do we really need such a mayor? - The tenants of house 15/2 on Ilyushina street in Saint Petersburg in doubt

Protest against evictions of tenants of Ylyushina street (St. Petersburg 2014) A group of tenants of this former dormitory, now turned a residential estate, staged a series of ‘’single pickets’’ on Nevsky prospect in the center of Saint Petersburg, protesting forced evictions. They were holding posters which read: ‘’ One has to wait for three years for what is promised. Do we really need such a Mayor? “

No end to the IIyushina 15/2 house story in Saint Petersburg

A new forced eviction of a family was reported in S. Petersburg, by some men hired by Mr. Makshakov from the Fourth Trust company. The tenants, supported by the International Alliance of Inhabitants, request to Mr. A. Govorunov, the city Vice –Governor, to respect its engagement of finding a solution to the tenants’ housing plight. The IAI has announced the submission of a further complaint to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing.