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Youth Homeless Organisations Across Europe Call for Action to End Youth Homelessness on Human Rights Day

Today on Human Rights Day, FEANTSA Youth is leading a coordinated action, along with youth, housing and human rights organisations from all over Europe, to draw attention to the growing problem of youth homelessness and housing exclusion in the EU.

On average, young people make up 20-30% of the total number of homeless people in the majority of European countries. In the Netherlands, 41% of the homeless population are young people. These numbers have increased in recent years, with Denmark having witnessed an increase of 80% between 2009-2016, and Ireland an increase of 93% between 2014-2017.

Research into housing exclusion in Europe has found that young people are not only more likely to experience severe housing deprivation, but they are on average four times more likely to be overburdened by housing costs than the rest of the population. Homelessness is experienced differently by young people than by adults. The causes and conditions are different, so too must the responses and solutions be.

Using social media, organisations across Europe have highlighted the need for action around:

a) Developing a definition of youth homelessness;

b) Collecting for better data on youth homelessness;

c) Protecting vulnerable youth leaving state care from becoming homeless without adequate supports.

The tools required to deal with the challenges of housing exclusion and homelessness in Europe already exist. The Youth Guarantee, for example, does not in its current form reach the most vulnerable or socially excluded in Europe. Funding needs to be ring-fenced to support homeless youth. This should also be topped up with an ‘Aftercare Guarantee’ to ensure quality support for the transition to adulthood for young people leaving state care. Measures also need to be taken to make sure that the EU’s efforts to promote quality traineeships and apprenticeships target the most vulnerable.


Find out more from www.feantsa.org  or call +32 (0)2 538 66 69

  1. FEANTSA is the European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless. It is an umbrella of not-for-profit organisations which participate in or contribute to the fight against homelessness in Europe. It is the only major European network focusing exclusively on homelessness at European level.
  2. FEANTSA Youth  is a network of young people working to prevent, reduce and end youth homelessness. Young people at risk of and experiencing homelessness need youth specific solutions. The FEANTSA Youth network aims to advocate for housing rights, the development of prevention strategies, increased public awareness and better cooperation between service providers and other stakeholders.  


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