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Moscow dormitory tenants tried to pitch a tent near Mayor’s Office

On May, 15, at five p.m. tenants of Moscow dormitories came to the inner yard of Moscow City Mayor Office to make officials resolve their housing problems.

First, they loudly urged the civil servants to come out and see them, but nobody came. A police colonel warned that no unauthorized protest actions were to be tolerated. The unauthorized action was meant to be that very tent the tenants had tried to pitch with the messages ‘’Housing is inviolable’’ and ‘’Respect the Constitution’’ written on it.

The tent was going to be pitched by activists of the Moscow Dormitories Movement in front of the Moscow Government building.

Three persons were detained by the police – Alexander Zimbovsky, Ekaterina Maldon and Alexandra Parushina, a deputy of the Hkamovniki district municipal council.

Alexandra produced her deputy’s ID card but the police said that her deputy immunity covered only the territory of her district. All the arrested were whisked away to the ‘’Tverskoy’’ police precinct with respective arrest protocols having been issued by police officers according to Article 20.2 (violation of the public events holding rules). By nine p.m. of the same day the arrested persons were released, upon which they returned to the inner yard of Mayor’s Office to be cheered by their comrades.

The action was staged by tenants of the ‘’Salut’’ factory owned dormitory, dormitories located at Bolshoy Sampsonievsky lane, International street,  1 Vladimisrkaya street, Baumanskaya street as well as by activists of the Dormitories Tenants Movement of Moscow and Moscow region. The workers of the Salut factory are just forced out of their dormitory by sending them numerous official letters on their lack of legal rights to the housing. One woman worker was sacked from the factory on the grounds of her not having rights to the housing in the dormitory. The dormitory building has not been handed over to the city government ownership yet, due to which the tenants are unable to get social tenancy agreements issued. The dormitory building located at 1 Vladimisrkaya street was handed over to the city ownership in 1994. However, respective documents confirming the tenants’ rights to the housing in the dormitory have not been issued up to now. The tenants of the Baumanskaya street dormitory are not being evicted from the building, although given the recent attempts of forced evictions made by the security service of the building owner have made the tenants be on the constant alert.

The gravest situation has occurred in the dormitory located at Bolshoy Savvinsky lane. The Moskovsky Sholk company has forcefully occupied the dormitory. The private security agency officers hired by the company management are creating intolerable conditions for the tenants in trying to force them out of their housing. The security have disconnected the communication lines in the house, broken doors, smashed walls, threatened the tenants openly, blocked the entrance to the gate. Despite the fact that on April, 1st , 2013, a court verdict was ruled on suspending the enforcement of evictions, in the early morning of April, 3d, the tenants saw court marshals enhanced with special ops unit officers. Belongings of almost all the dormitory tenants were loaded onto a truck and delivered to apartments allegedly bought for the dormitory tenants. But these apartments are owned by the Moskovsky Sholk company. A group of activists tried to reach the tenants to help them. As a result, two of them were manhandled by the special task officers and given out to the police. In the Hkamovniki police precinct the special task officers filed complaints that they had been attacked by unknown persons. No specific names were given in the complaints.

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