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The City is for All

Zsuzsi Pòsfai @ A Város Mindenkié: The City is for All

Zsuzsi tell us abut "The City is for All", an Hungarian organization founded in August 2009 by homeless, and formerly homeless activists and their allies. The group aims to create an opportunity for homeless people to stand up for their dignity and fight for the right to housing. Homeless people play a leading role in all the group’s activities.
The City is for All regularly organizes events that contribute to the protection of homeless people’s rights, advocate for their interests, and changes the social perception of homeless people.

In the interview, she also deals with subject as learning strategies inside the organization, relationship with the media and the place of localized struggles in the globalized world
Metodología de acción social empleada por los protagonistas:
Methodology used by "The City is for All" put at the center homeless people as legitimate right holder. They have a continuous media presence to change the idea that homeless people are helpless and hopeless, and to show that we too are able to stand up for our rights and human dignity.
Principales temáticas tratadas:
Ciudadanía , Desalojos , Derecho de Vivienda , Desarrollo Personal , Inclusión Social
Palabras clave, tags:
right to housing, evictions, inter-class movement, Homeless
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Video entrevista (FLV, Youtube, Vimeo) 14
Video entrevista (FLV, Youtube, Vimeo) 14