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Knut Hunger

Knut Unger @ The tennants' movement in Germany

After recalling briefly the history of his tennants' organization, Knut addresses the issue of profitization of housing. Flats who used to be given from big industries to their workers was massively sold to international financial investors in the last years – 1.500.000 housing units in all Germany.
Knut also shares with us his reflection for a better lobbying to UE and ONU, by realizing an open net of communication between different localized struggles, and by finding a way for a real bottom-up legitimization for speakers of inhabitants’ organizations.
Metodología de acción social empleada por los protagonistas:
Organization of tennants, manifestations, counter-information
Principales temáticas tratadas:
Ciudadanía , Derecho de Vivienda
Palabras clave, tags:
Germany, lobbying, communication, bottom-up perspective, eviction, Inhabitants' Memory, right to housing