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Getting people to work together

Mike Davis @ Combined Harare Residents' Association

The main objective of CHRA (Combine Harare Residence Association) is to encourage the population to partecipate at the political process; people must move, find their strategies, therefore is fondamental not to give pre-made solutions and not to reinforce the stereotype of victims. Mike argues that the most importat achievement is to make people work together and to get involved.
The organization promote houses occupations,mass demonstrations and tryes to foster a community response to solve the local issues such as education and public hygiene.
The current Zimbabwe economic,social and sanitary situation is tragic:there aren't a democratic system, basic services, infrastructures, and the social organizations are becoming every day weaker or disappear,therefore the political strategies used are changed: in order to protest the lack of democracy they are focusing on civil disobedience and boycott of local taxes.
Mike tells us about the “Urambatrina Operation”, may 2005, that was more than a mass eviction: people have been forced to destroy their own homes.This tragic event was a massive attack,third of the total population left the country, a structural destruction of civil society.
Metodología de acción social empleada por los protagonistas:
Principales temáticas tratadas:
Antiracismo , Ciudadanía , Desalojos , Derecho de Vivienda
Palabras clave, tags:
Zimbwawe, Evictions, political participation, democracy