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Mozambico: the season of future

reportage by Francesco Fantini

This book is a collection of notes taken during a journey to Mozambique that I made with Gil, a former homeless boy who, like many others, managed to take his place in society again thanks to the help of international solidarity that welcomed him and allowed him to study.

Gil accompanied me from the capital, Maputo, throughout the country, along the coasts, inland, as far as his native village in the forest where he met his family again after many years.

During our journey we met a lot of Gil’s brothers , those who shared their childhood with him in the reception centre, who have now rejoined their relatives or have been received by new families. We went back to the centre where others are waiting, where, while waiting, they gave a warm welcome to us.

Children in Mozambique make up half of the population and live an extremely difficult situation; that is why we have decided to start a fund raising campaign of which this book is an instrument. The proceeds will be given to these children , to give them the opportunity to break this spiral of suffering, to allow them access to education so that they are ready to face a new season, the season of future , the only one possible for their lives and to have an additional possibility of giving a sense to ours.


Francesco Fantini