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Kiambiu Youth in Africities VII, Mission, Projects & Contribution to Agenda 2063

Kiambiu Youth is a non profit making organisation, established in 2003 and registered  with department of social service in 2004, and has continued to work with communities in Nairobi informal settlements for over (10) years. The purpose of the group was and still is to lobby and advocate for better living condition and full enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms, and as provided for by our constitution and other regional and  international treaties.

The organisation operates from Kiambiu informal settlement, in Eastleigh south location, Pumwani division of Kamukunji Sub County.

1.1 Current Project & Work 

KYG runs various projects/programmes and are all geared towards advocacy work, the projects are as follows;

  • Information Research and Dissemination : this program facilitates free flow of information and sharing with residents in urban settlements
  • Designing Advocacy and Lobbying strategies : this program facilitates community lead actions to demand basic services and influence policy change.
  • Capacity Building: this program  facilitates sharpening community resource persons to become the leading role in support focal points in grassroots.
  • Networking and Linkages:  the program promotes interventions and linkages with likeminded organizations/agencies and institutions at local and international.

1.2 Mission, Significant Partners

KYG, was established due to a vacuum in governance and leadership both at local and national level, at the time our country and Nairobi to be specific was faced with myriads of challenges having that we were just transiting from one regime to the other, with public land grabbing being on the rise, a massive eviction was due to be effected, which would have affected up to 300,000 people. As young people by then we decided not to keep quiet and hence, the beginning of our mission to advocate for housing and land related issues in collaboration with local and international partners like Hakijamii, Pamoja Trust, Dignity International, ESCR-NET, Kituo Cha Sheria, Maji na Ufanisi, Amnesty International, St John’s Community Center, Kutoka Network among other CSOs and Social Movements.

1.3 Contribution to Agenda 2063

My contribution and that of KYG, is derived by the aspiration of mobilising African people and begin to inculcate the principle of self-reliance and inclusive governance where citizens can hold the state to account and promotion of the rule of law and respect to people right to development (people driven development), in summary promoting Agenda 2063, Aspiration No. 1, 3 and 6.

1.4 Expectation

My wish and that of many Kenyans and other African countries are as follows;

  • The need for a resolution that will try to connect the day to day running of cities by mayors and governors with resolutions made in the Africities Summit. Previously there has been poor follow up on recommendations.
  •  Harmonisation of the global Target/Aspirations i.e. SDGs vis - vis Agenda 2063 and hence the need to mainstream to avoid confusing the city managers.
  • The need to resolve disconnect between national and city style of management. i.e.  If the city is generating high % of national GDP and it’s allocated of 1% how do can it meet the set targets? Thus the need for continuous highlighting the role of the city.


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